Different Types of Bathtubs

If you are interested in adding a bathtub in your bathroom on your next remodel, you’re not the only one.

A lot of homeowners want to have a bathtub in their homes. As a matter of fact, today, even with the rise of various types of modern and sophisticated showers, millions of home buyers view having at least one bathtub as a must in a property they will purchase.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. Bathtubs offer several advantages. For one, it is a necessity for families with young children and pets because they are a safer option than showers. Another advantage of having a tub is that it can give you a spot in your home to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet after a long, exhausting day.

Now if you’re ready to add a tub to your home, you have some options to choose from. While there are also specialized models of bathtubs today, here are the basic types you might want to consider on your bathroom upgrade:

Alcove bathtub

The traditional bathtub, alcove bathtubs are built against the wall. This type of bathtub is often installed against three walls to make the most of the bathroom space. Numerous homeowners often add a shower above alcove bathtubs to maximize the space. We’ve found Reliable property caretakers to be exceptionally good at installing these types of tubs.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Unlike an alcove bathtub, a free-standing bathtub isn’t actually built against the wall or any other part of the bathroom. As the name implies, this tub type is free standing. Freestanding tubs are a little on the expensive side and require a lot of space.

Walk-in Bathtubs

If there’s a walk-in shower, there’s also a walk-in bathtub. Walk in bathtubs are just like alcove bathtubs in the sense that they are built against three walls. But, instead of you needing to climb over this tub, this bathtub has a door that you can easily open so you can get into the bath.